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About Us

Our Purpose & Values

Who We Are

When you bring your fur-kids out for grooming, you would expect the groomers to be duly certified and competent. Having picked up a grooming award or two would be a nice touch.

To us, that expectation is just the baseline. Here at The Pets Workshop, we strive to redefine pet care by focusing on your fur-kids’ grooming experiences with us. Many of our people are pet owners, and we believe in treating your fur-kids with the same level of love and patience as we treat our own fur-kids. We listen to you, we listen to your fur-kids. At our salon, we want your fur-kids to look awesome, and still enjoy themselves. A refreshing and relaxing grooming experience for your pets, by people who care.

We are The Pets Workshop. Pet Care Redefined.


Our Team

Corporate Responsibility

The Pets Workshop may be a small and new enterprise, but we believe it is never too early to start thinking about Corporate Responsibility. We believe we could, and we should give back to our communities and create value for society by focusing our Corporate Responsibility efforts in area where we can have the most impact: Promoting Animal Welfare.

Promoting Animal Welfare

According to Euromonitor International, Singapore’s population of pet dogs, cats and small mammals like hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits has been growing over the years. Whilst we are heartened to note that there are more people seeking connections with animals, we recognize that animal welfare remains an issue that needs to be tackled. The Pets Workshop is committed to joining the conversation and to identify meaningful ways through which we could make an impact. Stay tuned to our social media updates.