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Our Services & Rates

Indulge your fur-kids in the warm and welcoming setting of our salon. A standard full grooming session perhaps? How about pampering your fur-kids with our wholesome spa? You could even customize the content of the grooming session. There is something for every fur-kid. Just speak with us.

Baths are necessary to keep your fur-kid’s hygiene in excellent condition. An animal’s coat presents a conducive environment to trap dirt, allergens and bacteria. The unforgiving tropical climate we find ourselves also contributes to odour. A bath could help manage the cleanliness and softness of your fur-kid’s coat, reduce shedding, and help keep allergies at bay, for you and your fur kid.

At The Pets Workshop, we also take the opportunity during baths to check your fur-kids’ general wellness and highlight any potential issues you should take note of. It may just be a bath, but we do not take it lightly.


Small Dogs $20 – $30
Medium Dogs $30 – $50
Large Dogs $60 – $120

Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your fur-kid is one of the objectives of grooming. Besides making your fur-kid look pawsome, regular grooming goes a long way in maintaining the health and wellness of your fur-kid. A clean pet is a healthy and happy pet.

Basic Grooming

  • Nail clipping and filing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Brushing and combing
  • Clipping of paw pad
  • Sanitary trimming
  • Expressing of anal gland
  • Bathing and drying

Full Grooming

All aspects of basic grooming, together with fur trimming and styling.


Small Dogs $40-$45
Medium Dogs $50 - $75
Large Dogs $70 - $150
Cats $65 - $85
Rabbits $40 - $70
Guinea Pigs $35


Small Dogs $75 – $95
Medium Dogs $80 – $140
Large Dogs $120 – $220
Cats $130 – $150
Rabbits $70 – $90
Guinea Pigs $65

Humans no longer monopolize the therapeutic and curative benefits of spa. Our fur-kids deserve the same, if not more. At The Pets Workshop, we have curated a range of spa treatments, each with its distinctive benefits, to thoroughly indulge your fur-kids.


With a blend of more than 20 natural herbs, this spa treatment is suitable for animals with irritable and inflamed skin. This spa treatment could be used to ease various skin ailments such as yeast infection, dandruff, eczema and skin rashes, and thereby improving the look and feel of your fur-kid’s skin and fur.

Sensitive/Irritable Skin Care Spa

This mild spa treatment is curated for use by animals with various skin diseases. This treatment improves the hair cuticles of animals, aids in the recovery of animals from their skin ailments, and yet remains mild enough not to cause skin dryness or keratosis.

Standard Skin & Fur Treatment (long haired and short haired breeds)

Highly invigorating spa treatment using top-of-the-line product, packed with vitamins and protein to leave the coat of your fur-kids silky, clean and healthy looking. This spa treatment is gentle enough for frequent use.

Special Treatment for Cats

With our experience with cats, we know that cats mat and they tend to be greasy in some parts, such as the chin and back areas. A cat which lacks frequent grooming becomes a ball of greasy and matted furball in double quick time in tropical Singapore. Our special spa treatment for cats is curated to manage such problems when regular cleaning products may not possess sufficient cleaning power, leaving your cats with silky and manageable coats.


An effective deep skin cleansing regime aimed at removing dirt and grease, which may cause odour, from the clogged pores of your fur-kids. Our CO2 treatment has the effect of promoting blood circulation and places less strain on your fur-kid’s circulatory system compared to a standard hot bath. The strong cleansing ability and favourable pH level of this treatment is effective in combating oily coats of your fur-kids, leaving the skin soft and coats glowing.


Herbal $20 - $65
Sensitive/Irritable Skin Care Spa $35 – $85
Standard Skin & Fur Treatment
(long haired and short haired breeds)
$45 - $85
Special Treatment for Cats $10- $45
CO2 $7 - $21
Paw Pad Spa $30
Removal of Undercoat $25 - $120 | Removing of undercoat is necessary for double-coated fur-kids, e.g. Pomeranian, Jack Russel, Chihuahua, Japanese Spitz, Shetland, Golden Retriever, Husky, Cats.
De-Matting $25 - $120 | Additional cost will be added for de-matting, depending on the severity of the matting.
De-Ticking $30 - $120 | De-ticking charges depends on the severity of infestation.
Nail Clipping Only $10
Nail Filing $6
Tooth Brushing Treatment $5 | Basic tooth brushing and cleaning
Tooth Brushing Treatment and
Tar Tar Removal
$95 - $220 | Thorough tooth brushing and cleaning for fur-kids with more severe tartar issue
Ear Cleaning Only $6
Plucking Ear Hair $10
Clipping of paw pads $10
Poodle feet $15 | Removal of fur around paws for easier maintenance. Usually for poodles, Shi Tzuh, Bichon Frise.
Poodle face $10 | Removal of fur around muzzle
Face trimming $20
Expressing of anal gland $10
Paw pad treatment $7