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Upcoming Changes: GST Registration, Price Revision, and Special Promotion

Dear Valued Customers, Since our establishment in 2021, The Pets Workshop has been dedicated to providing top-notch pet grooming services at affordable prices. We greatly appreciate your continued support and trust in our services.

08 Jul 2024 Read More

Tampines Central 1 Operations Moving to Tampines Telepark

Dear Valued Customers, We have some fantastic news to share with you! At The Pets Workshop, we’re always striving to provide the best for your beloved pets, and we have two major developments to announce.

06 Jul 2024 Read More

New Outlet at Clarke Quay – Opening 22 September 2024

Dear Valued Customers, We have some fantastic news to share with you! At The Pets Workshop, we’re always striving to provide the best for your beloved pets, and we have two major developments to announce.

06 Jul 2024 Read More

Honoring Success: Our Employee’s Remarkable Achievement in the Master Category

Dear Valued Customers, We are thrilled to announce that our Principal Stylist, Summer, has achieved remarkable success at the recent 26th Taiwan Barkleigh Pet Grooming and the 11th Asia Pacific Pet Groomer Union held in Taiwan on June 14, 2024.

18 Jun 2024 Read More

The Pets Workshop Rolls Out New Loyalty Programme!

To the supporters and friends of The Pets Workshop, we are rolling out a new loyalty programme to show our appreciation! Utilizing the platform of our POS system, we are offering…

06 Jun 2024 Read More

The Pets Workshop is Appointed as Appointed Dog Grooming Establishment!

Dear cherished customers, dedicated supporters, and aspiring grooming students, We are thrilled to announce that…

06 May 2024 Read More

Unleash Your Potential: Become a Certified Cat Stylist with The Pets Workshop

Are you passionate about cats? Do you have a keen eye for style and detail? If so, then The Pets Workshop has an exciting opportunity for you! Our professional cat grooming course is designed…

21 Mar 2024 Read More

Victorious Outing at the 3rd Fédération Cynologique Internationale / Singapore Kennel Club Grooming Certification / Competition at Singapore Pet Expo

Job well done by JingJing and Summer at the Singapore Pet Expo! Congratulations to our cat stylist, JingJing, for obtaining her SKC Class C certification after more than a year of hard work!

21 Mar 2024 Read More

Elevate Your Pet Grooming Skills at The Pets Workshop Academy

Are you passionate about pet grooming and looking to take your skills to the next level? Look no further than The Pets Workshop Academy, founded by a seasoned professional with over 6…

04 Mar 2024 Read More

The Pets Workshop Celebrates Summer’s Triumph at the 407th NGKC Pet Caring and Grooming Master Class in Wuhan, China

The Pets Workshop is thrilled to announce the outstanding achievement of our Principal Stylist, Summer, who recently secured the first prize in the International Category at the prestigious 407th NGKC…

25 Jan 2024 Read More

Quest for Excellence – 11th International Grooming Certification in Malaysia

On 11th November, Summer challenged herself and pitted her skills against pet stylists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, China in the 11th International Grooming Certification held in Kuala Lumpur…

02 Dec 2023 Read More

Pawsitively Purrfect News! Recognized by Mirchelley Muses as One of the Best Pet Grooming Salons in Singapore

Dear The Pets Workshop Family, We hope this message finds you and your furry friends in the best of spirits and tail-wagging happiness!

18 Nov 2023 Read More

Professional Pet Grooming Students in Action!

We welcome our inaugural batch of professional pet grooming students to The Pets Workshop Academy. Our two students are taking lessons under our Professional Pet Grooming Course…

18 Nov 2023 Read More

Basic Dog Grooming Course for Pet Owner

The Pets Workshop Academy hosted its first one-day basic dog grooming course on October 31, 2023. Our basic dog grooming course is targeted at pet owners with no prior pet grooming…

15 Nov 2023 Read More

Zhengzhou Master Class in Hand Stripping

This month, Summer attended a master class in hand stripping in Zhengzhou, China. The master class took place from 26 October to 28 October and was attended by expert groomers from Singapore…

30 Oct 2023 Read More

We are the best, and we want to share the joy with you

Dear friends, You would have read that The Pets Workshop has been recognised by Best in Singapore as one of the best cat grooming salons! Without you, we would not be where we are…

17 Oct 2023 Read More

Pawsitively Thrilled to Share Some Exciting News!

Dear Feline Friends and Cherished Customers, We’re over the moon to announce that The Pets Workshop has once again been honored with the prestigious “Best in Singapore” accolade for our Top-notch cat grooming services!

08 Sep 2023 Read More

The Importance of Simple Nail Trimming You May Not Be Aware Of

Nail trimming or clipping is such a simple grooming chore that one may simply overlook when it comes to grooming of furkid. Trimming the nails of dogs and cats is an essential aspect of pet…

02 Aug 2023 Read More

The Pets Workshop: Fostering Excellence through Ongoing Training

Dear customers, At The Pets Workshop, we are not only passionate about providing top-notch care for your beloved pets but also committed to enhancing our skills to serve…

24 Jul 2023 Read More

Celebrate Singapore’s National Day with Pet Pampering Extravaganza!

Attention all pet parents and fur-baby enthusiasts! This August, as our beloved Lion City marks its 58th birthday, we are thrilled to join the festivities by offering an exciting…

19 Jul 2023 Read More

Cats self-groom, so why bring them to the groomers?!

We know cats are well known for their fastidious self-grooming habits. We have 4 cats at home and watching them clean themselves is a daily occurrence. One may question…

19 Jul 2023 Read More

Attention, Purr-fect Cat Lovers!

Are your feline friends in desperate need of some pampering? Well, hold on to your whiskers because we’ve got an offer that will make your kitties purr with delight!

19 Jun 2023 Read More

Exciting News for Our Beloved Pet Parents!

Here we are with our weekly updates! Tampines Central 1 outlet, your haven for all things meow, hop, and wheek, will continue serving our beloved cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

06 Jun 2023 Read More

Telepark Shop Move Q&A

As promised! Our first attempt at identifying those pertinent questions you may have around our Telepark outlet! We hope this set of Q&As is helpful! A quick summary in case you do not want to go…

06 Jun 2023 Read More

Expanding our footprints and services in Tampines!

Paws up, fur friends! We’re thrilled to announce that our dog grooming business is moving on up to a bigger space just a few blocks away at 5 Tampines Central 6, #01-10 Telepark, Singapore 529482!

19 May 2023 Read More

Recognized by Mirchelley Muses as One of the Top 5 Cat Grooming Service Providers in Singapore! Meow~~

Meow-za! It is no coincidence that good things start with “M”, including meows and Mirchelley Muses! We have some pawsome news to share with all of our feline-loving followers! Our business has…

13 Mar 2023 Read More

Going to NEX (IG Story)

The Pets Workshop has reached another milestone with the opening of our second branch at NEX mall on 1 December 2022! Our philosophy about pet care, our focus on customer service and everything you have come to expect of…

22 Nov 2022 Read More

Strengthening of The Pets Workshop core capability

A little over a year since we opened in May 2021, we have constantly been scouting for new talents to join us so that The Pets Workshop continues to be in the pole position in this part…

17 Sep 2022 Read More

National Day Promotions!

With National Day just round the corner, we hope everyone is excited to hear the roar of jets flying overhead preparing for NDP, and seeing the sea of red, white, crescents and stars flying in the breeze!

26 Jul 2022 Read More

The Pets Workshop introduces a comprehensive loyalty programme

The Pets Workshop has been thinking for a while how we could create more value for our supporters. We want to introduce a comprehensive loyalty programme to help our beloved customers stretch their dollars…

29 Jun 2022 Read More

New addition to The Pets Workshop team!

The Pets Workshop works hard to ensure we have strength in depth, and that we are always ready to deliver the level of services and professionalism that you have come to…

13 Nov 2021 Read More

Congrats to Summer for Attaining Her Class A Certification with Award of Merit!

Congratulations to Summer for attaining her Class A certification with Award of Merit on 23 April 2021! It was a long journey, but it speaks a lot about the dedication and passion Summer has put into her trade. Of course, this sets the bar higher in terms of what The Pets Workshop offers to you and your fur-kids.

03 May 2021 Read More

Guide Dogs Singapore

We are thrilled to announce our association with Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd (“GDS”) as part of our Corporate Responsibility program. GDS is a non-profit voluntary welfare organization, founded with the mission to help the visually impaired enhance their quality of life, including pairing suitable candidates with Guide Dogs.

31 Mar 2021 Read More