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They may be smaller in size, but that does not make them easier to deal with. Generally more skittish, grooming your pet cat requires heightened situational awareness to ensure that the grooming process is a bearable, if not an enjoyable, one for your pet cat. Our Basic Cat Grooming Course is especially helpful for learners with no prior pet grooming or pet care knowledge. Our instructors will take you through essential pet grooming process, equipping you with the necessary skills to perform basic grooming care on your cat and awareness to spot potential health issues.

Course Details

This course will be suitable for any learner over the age of 18 and who has a love for animals, but is not looking to embark on a career in the pet grooming industry. No prior grooming experience is required, but we will require you to bring your own cat for the course. Our Basic Cat Grooming Course will take place at our Tampines Central 1 outlet.

Duration – Approximately 3 hours

Course Fee – Call to enquire: +65 9826 0581


      • Reading your pet. Identify and understand the body language and signals from your pet.
      • Handling of your pet.
      • Basic health inspection for common issues and parasites.
      • Demonstrate and hands-on session on:
        • Clipping of nails
        • Clipping of paw pad fur
        • Ear hair removal and cleaning
        • Clipping of sanitary areas
        • Management of tangles or matting
        • Management of undercoat
        • Showering techniques
        • Drying and combing techniques